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Authentic, interactive, made with love, our aim is to transport you to the heart of a traditional Italian family.

We believe the way to our customers' heart is through their bellys with fresh Italian home grown ingredients, which will be sure to have you head over heels after just one bite.

Pause London's fast paced and hectic work lifestyle for just 5 minutes while we cook hearty Italian classics right before your eyes. You are sure to feel a million miles away.

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  • pasta

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    icon Rigatoni Rigatoni

    1. Pomodoro e basilico

      Our homemade tomato sauce, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil

    2. Arrabbiata

      Fresh chilli, garlic olive oil,  our homemade tomato sauce,  parsley and cherry tomatoes

    3. Pesto genovese

      Fresh basil, pine nuts, garlic, pecorino, parmesan and extra virgin olive oil

    4. Pesto Siciliano (*)

      Fresh basil, almonds, garlic,  ricotta cheese, parmesan, pecorino,  sundried tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil

      (*) Chancery Lane only

      Pesto Siciliano (*)
    5. Amatriciana

      Guanciale (pig’s cheek), our homemade tomato sauce, fresh ground pepper and extra virgin olive oil

    6. Carbonara

      Guanciale (pig’s cheek), pasteurised eggs, pecorino, parmesan, fresh ground pepper and extra virgin olive oil

    7. Ragù alla bolognese

      Minced beef, minced pork, carrots, celery, onions, mixed herbs, our homemade tomato sauce and extra virgin olive oil

      Ragù alla bolognese Ragù alla bolognese
    8. Nduja (*)

      Spicy Nduja sausage from Calabria,  homemade tomato sauce and extra virgin olive oil.

      (*) Chancery Lane only

      Nduja (*) Nduja (*)
    hot food
    Lasagne Ragù (**)

    Layers of flat shaped pasta with beef mince, minced pork, bechamel and grana padano cheese

    Lasagne pesto (**)

    Layers of flat shaped pasta, our pesto sauce, bechamel, parmigiano, green beans and potatoes

    (**) New Fetter Lane only

    Parma and Bufala salad

    Parma ham, Buffalo mozzarella, mixed salad and sundried tomatoes.

    Bresaola and porcini salad

    Bresaola, porcini mushrooms and mixed salad

    Parma ham and Brie

    Aged Parma ham, brie, rocket and Mayo

    Bresaola and Grana

    Bresaola, chunks of parmesan, rocket, lemon and Mayo

    Tuna & eggs

    Tuna, Mayo and boiled eggs

    Nutella Tiramisu
    Classic Tiramisu
    Double Espresso
    Espresso Macchiato
Recipe of the week
Pasta with Venison Ragu

Pasta with Venison Ragu

Minced venison, slow cooked peeled tomatoes, carrots, celery, onions, red wine & olive oil

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Pre-order office lunch delivered for free for parties of 8 or more

  • Different lunches for different budgets, £8/£10/£15 per person
  • Delivery up to 2m from our restaurant
  • Additional services of set-up and help by a member of our team
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